A Day in the Life: Strategist

As a Flywheel strategist, you’ll mainly be executing client projects—whether that’s writing blog articles, managing ad accounts, coming up with new ad copy and creative, creating and improving email automations, or auditing client websites to optimize conversions. 


Although two days are rarely the same at Flywheel Digital, here’s what you can expect a day as a Flywheel strategist to look like:

Sebastian Montenegro: Growth Strategist, Flywheel Digital


Meet Sebastian: 

Flywheel Strategist

Start of day

You wake up at 7 a.m. feeling fresh and energetic. It’s a Monday morning and you had a great weekend and an even better sleep last night! Although Monday mornings are usually a slower start for you, today is the monthly management meeting, which will be happening soon. Not only is it a nice way to ease into the week, but you’re looking forward to the content that will be shared. You always get great value out of these meetings; you reflect on the previous month, get a look into the business’s health, and connect with the full Flywheel team. 

Because Flywheel is a remote-first company, mornings have become a nice ritual for you and you cherish the extra couple of hours you get in the morning to make a coffee, eat breakfast, or get a workout in before settling in for the day. 

You settle in at your brand new standing desk, complete with the latest Macbook Pro, external keyboard, and trackpad. Thanks to a recent bonus awarded to the team, every Flywheeler was given the opportunity to upgrade their work from home setup, and you went all out. 

Today, you forfeit your morning scroll through Instagram for a gander through your emails instead, bookmarking any articles that sound interesting. Flywheel places a large emphasis on growth through learning, so you’ll set aside some time this week to read through these and share your favourite ones with the team. 

You check to see if you have any lingering Slack messages from the night before—because Flywheel has flexible hours, some teammates opt to work in the evenings when they feel most productive or take a weekday off and work a weekend instead. It’s quiet today, so you log into Notion, Flywheel’s task management tool, to see what tasks are on your plate for the week and flag any questions you have. 


You’re an E-commerce Strategist, which means you facilitate the link between Flywheel’s clients’ online traffic and conversions through paid efforts, CRO, content, and automations. You love the variety of industries you get to work with and feel a sense of fulfillment seeing the direct impact of your work on clients’ business growth and KPIs. 

After powering through a particular stuck point you’ve been dealing with (integrating SMS and email sign ups into a single pop up on a client’s website homepage to maximize list growth) you take a stroll to your favourite coffee shop nearby for a quick cup of joe before the 10 am meeting.

You sign into Zoom as one of your teammates is telling a particularly funny story about the time they once caught a soccer ball with their face. This is what you love about Flywheel: you get to work with a multi-talented team across a variety of digital marketing disciplines, who take their craft very seriously—yet there’s still room for friendships, laughs, and banter. It’s a remote-team based across Canada, yet you still feel close and connected to your teammates. 

As the CEO goes through Flywheel’s client KPIs and celebrates company wins and learnings from the previous month, you can’t help but feel proud for having a hand in all the green you see on the screen. 

This monthly meeting reminds you that Flywheel considers ourselves true partners with our clients. It’s important to understand the client’s business holistically and understand the context behind the things you do, not just get bogged down in data—the CEO references this concept, dubbed “Soft Eyes,” frequently. It’s something you’ve embraced, and it’s helped you to be successful in your work. 

Another key to your success has been your thirst for knowledge and ability to push yourself creatively—in tasks, but when problem solving, too. There have been many times when you’ve been assigned a task you weren’t quite sure how to tackle, but your weekly one-on-one meetings with your manager are a valuable time for you to ask questions and overcome hurdles and challenges together. You’re set free to fail, learn, and grow, but you’re supported every step of the way.

Good news! Since the team hit all their goals last quarter, you’re all awarded with a quarterly bonus. Score! This is your favourite Flywheel perk, next to flexible hours. 

Early afternoon

After the monthly meeting, you take a little break to do some reading. You’ll be working on a couple of creative ads later today and reading always helps stimulate your copywriting skills. You then dive into a working session with the Digital Advertising Lead, creating Facebook audiences and messaging for a Vancouver-based client. It’s a collaborative session that you come out of feeling pumped to start the campaigns and see if your hunches were correct. If not, you’ll iterate on these until you maximize conversions. 

Oh, it’s time for a donut date! Donut dates happen twice a month, in which a Donut bot randomly pairs two teammates together on Slack. It’s your opportunity to set aside shop talk and just get to know your teammates on a personal level. You muse that it’s probably why the Flywheel team gets along so well. Today you have a donut date with none other than the CEO. The majority of your time is spent talking about soccer and predicting who will win the World Cup. It’s a nice little break in your day and you’ve come to look forward to these dates.

Late afternoon

Next, you work on some ongoing Paid Management tasks for a client. You’re testing different variations of headlines, copy, and visuals for Paid Search ads, as you’ve recently noticed a decline in Click-Through Rates for a couple of ads. You also work on integrating Google Ads with Google Optimize, to refine customers’ landing page experience.

It’s been a full day, and you’re ready for another break. You like to take a couple of hours in the late afternoon to workout and re-energize. Thanks to Flywheel’s flex hours, you’re welcome to spread out your day as you wish, as long as deadlines are met. It’s a perk you’ve learned not to take for granted, as it lets you work according to when you feel most productive. A regular 9-5, Flywheel is certainly not—if you don’t want it to be! 

End of day

You’ll finish your day strong at about 6pm or 7pm. Although you’ve been up and at ‘em since 7 am today, it just doesn’t feel like it because of the variety in your day. Your friends are always perplexed that you manage to stay productive with such flexible hours, but instead of procrastinating all day long, you choose to work when you’re most productive and make the most of every day.  

You finish off your day with some last minute Slack messages and prioritize your tasks for the next day—just as you receive a text message from your friends to meet them for dinner and drinks.

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