Hiring: Senior SEO Growth Lead

If you think of John Mueller when you hear someone say “eat”, this is the job for you.


We are looking for a talented, passionate SEO Growth Lead to join our small team of experts at Flywheel. If you’re the right person, you understand the principles behind both user-centric web experiences and good search practices, and how much opportunity there is for companies that create their website with both of those in mind.


You’ll be responsible for achieving the growth goals of our SEO client engagements, working collaboratively with the broader Organic Growth team and our clients’ internal teams. You’ll leverage a proficiency in holistic marketing strategy and deep experience in on-page technical analysis, keyword research & implementation, and content strategy along with client management chops.


Flywheel works with some of the world’s top high-growth digital consumer brands across a wide variety of industries, such as lululemon, Good Inside, Willful, and Lighthouse Labs. You’ll work directly with some of these clients and be responsible for strategy and ongoing execution for their Organic growth programs. You’ll report to the Director of Organic Growth and manage a small, growing team.


We take a holistic view of what ‘organic growth’ includes. You won’t just be researching keywords and optimizing title tags, you’ll be a partner in devising and executing the most impactful organic search growth strategies, considering the conversion paths, and thinking strategically about your clients’ business objectives.


This is a full-time remote position. Best suited to someone with experience in SaaS, ecommerce, and digital services niches.

The right person has 3-8 years experience in the following:

  • Keyword Research + Implementation
  • Technical SEO Analysis
  • SEO Content Strategy
  • User Experience (UX) & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • CMS management: WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, or Hubspot.
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • People Management
  • General marketing and/or web optimization strategy
  • Bonus points for email/automation experience, design expertise, A/B testing software, link building, and/or advanced web development experience.

Here’s what makes a great Flywheeler:

  • You’re in on remote work – you understand the trade-offs of remote-first work and are comfortable delivering with a high level of autonomy.
  • You’re interested in growing – you may not work at Flywheel forever. Eventually, you may start your own business, lead a brand or become a yogi. But right now, you’re looking to learn from the best and become the best.
  • You’re T-shaped – you have one or two things you’re insanely good at, and many more that you’re good enough at. You prefer not to be boxed in as a specialist ora generalist.
  • You’re a capable communicator – you know how to work across teams and how to get your message across, whether on Slack, Zoom or in person.

Here’s what makes a great SEO at Flywheel:

  • You’re comfortable creating a strategic roadmap, as well as overseeing its execution. You can work cross-functionally with internal and external teams to drive progress and achieve goals.
  • You’re comfortable wearing multiple hats. With our direct-to-expert model, this role embodies both head Strategist and Account Manager — a unique position compared to other agencies. You’ll serve as the “quarterback” for your accounts — calling the shots, delegating to strategists, and rallying the team around a shared vision for each client.
  • You’re entrepreneurial – you’ve had your own website, side project, or business

If this sounds like you, you should apply (even if you only have 80% of the skills)!

To apply, email people (at) flywheel.digital or check out our LinkedIn page. Please keep in mind that candidates must be eligible to work in Canada.