Case Study: CRO for Glory Juice

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Glory Juice is a Vancouver-based health brand serving 100% organic cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses and other health-related food products. 


We partnered with them for full-funnel growth through paid and SEO. However, we quickly saw that their biggest hole to address was their on-site conversion rate.


Marketing Director
Glory Juice

“The Flywheel team took a data-driven approach to updating our website and it paid almost immediate dividends. Thanks to the improvements in our site’s conversion rates, we were able to drastically ramp up our online sales to the point where it began surpassing some of our retail stores.”


Glory has a well-known brand name in the Greater Vancouver Area. As a result, they have a consistent stream of unpaid traffic to their website. However, in order to drive online sales, they had to improve their site’s user experience.


In November 2019, we partnered with Glory Juice to spearhead all of Glory’s digital marketing. When we first reviewed Glory’s website performance, we found that it lacked the conversion principles needed for new visitors to want to purchase their products. We made upgrading this on-site experience our number one priority.


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We overhauled their design to optimize their conversion rates in a three step process:

  1. Research consumers, competitors and issues with current UX/UI build

Our research involved reviewing quantitative data, such as bounce rates and page values through Google Analytics, and qualitative feedback, such as contact forms and in-depth interviews. We synthesized this through our team’s expertise on proven conversion principles.

We found three key issues from our research:

  • Users could not easily build custom orders because there was no “quick shop” feature.

  • Users could not easily distinguish between the features and benefits of different products. For example, they had friction choosing between Glory’s five different green juices.

  • Users were unclear about Glory’s specific rules for purchasing products locally – including minimum cart values, order date cutoffs, and pickup options.

  1. Implement CRO-focused Design Changes

Based on our analysis, we created wireframes with additional features to solve the issues found on Glory’s website. Below are excerpts of our UX/UI improvements. 

To showcase pricing, we added pricing options based on the size of the drink viewed.

To reduce shopping friction, we added a “Shop All” page for users to look at all of Glory’s products. We included category filters and created product cards that show the product image, name, and ingredients.

We also created a minimum order bar for shoppers to view their total order price without having to click into the checkout page.

Additionally, we created pre-checkout pricing details and delivery options.

Once the designs were approved, our web developer implemented all features on the site. We also implemented Analytics configurations from Glory’s sites to track conversions where appropriate.

  1. Iterate Over Time with Growth-Driven Design Principles

After the success of our initial rebuild, we continued to improve site performance by releasing new features. We took a Growth-Driven Design approach: iterating the site over time based on changes in conversion rates and customer feedback. Some of the visual features we added were tags, product recommendations, and reviews for social proof. 

We also added additional functionality, such as a subscription service, to help build loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value. 

Over the 6 months of our process, we managed all of Glory’s marketing efforts, from content to email, without any spend on paid advertising. After the launch, our growth-driven design principles improved store conversion rates by 124%, while online sales increased by 5x. This helped validate Glory’s opportunity for high-margin growth through digital.

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