Case Study: Paid Advertising For Meatme


Meatme redefines “farm to table” by connecting consumers directly to local, pasture-raised meat products online. They take pride in supporting local farmers through a completely transparent supply chain.

Meatme hired Flywheel to put a paid advertising strategy in place. Although they had run some Facebook ads in the past, they were looking to ramp up their customer acquisition and wanted to make sure they were following best practices. However, as a startup, they also wanted to keep ad management in-house. So Flywheel’s role was to lay the groundwork for the campaigns and educate Meatme’s team on the optimization process.


Flywheel took the following actions to set Meatme up for success:

  • Implemented tracking best practices for Shopify and Google Analytics, including filters, funnel tracking, UTM conventions, and cross-domain tracking.
  • Established a funnel-based advertising structure on Facebook based on their activity, moving people from awareness, to engagement, to conversion.
  • Implemented Dynamic Product Retargeting – in other words, people who visited Meatme’s pork received ads for pork, and the same for chicken, fish, etc.
meatme facebook campaign


  • Meatme’s 2-week initial campaign launch was immediately profitable, selling 2.25x in Revenue more than they spent on ads.
  • Meatme continues to use the Flywheel’s best practices and setup today as they’ve scaled up their online advertising.
meatme app
meatme tablet
"Flywheel was a great additional resource for our team. Their process for getting us off the ground was smooth, and continuing to have Michael as a helpline for specific questions is really nice."
victor straatman
Founder & CEO at Meatme