Case Study: SEO For The Good Stuff


The Good Stuff is a partly owned subsidiary of Flywheel, selling
ready-to-blend smoothie packs via their website to the Greater Vancouver
Area. It works very similar to a meal kit service. Flywheel manages their full suite of digital marketing including paid,
SEO, content, and CRO.

In January 2019, we identified via analytics indicated that users on mobile were converting at a far lower rate than desktop. Although this is common, mobile traffic still made up 55% of The Good Stuff’s traffic, representing a significant opportunity to improve.


Through user research and screen recordings, we found that users were having a difficult time keeping track of their order on mobile – this was particularly important as The Good Stuff has specific rules for order quantities (e.g. minimum 6 smoothies, 12 for free delivery, etc).

To address this, we reworked the mobile order function to include single-tap cart review and persistent filters + guides as the user scrolls.

before after
Order Preview


In a two-month period after implementing the findings, The Good Stuff saw a 179% increase in mobile conversion rate:

the good stuff