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Our agency grows digital products with world-class technical marketing.

Why 'Flywheel'?

We drive meaningful, long-term growth with 3 self-reinforcing levers:


To grow online, you need to reach new people. We are experts at driving key channel traffic:



Identify opportunities to gain search traffic and optimize your presence to reach them. SEO forms the foundation for our Organic Growth service.


Acquire new traffic on Google, Facebook, & other platforms with targeted ads. This is the foundation for our Paid Growth service.


Traffic is only as valuable as your ability to convert. We have a proven process for driving results:


Leverage A/B testing and design principles to improve on-page conversions.


Use logic-based email and SMS campaigns to nurture and convert high-value users.


Data underpins everything you do online. We leverage that data for transparency and insight:


Configure Google Analytics, Data Studio, and more to create true data integrity.


Turn your data overload into business insight with systematized, data-driven reporting.

We are the proud winners of Search Engine Land’s 
Boutique SEO Agency Of The Year


Flywheel Digital Boutique Agency Of The Year 2021

Our Clients

Our clients are both industry leaders and disruptors – anyone whose product is digital-first and ready to scale.

Our Clients' Outcomes

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428% Increase in Organic Traffic, YoY​
356% Increase in Student Applications, YoY​
38% Increase in Gated Content Downloads, YoY​
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0 %
0 %

Median Total Growth

Median Monthly Growth

Our Partners

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Our team of experts as been quoted in some of the world's top marketing publications

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Our Team

Meet our Flywheelers – we’re a deep team of passionate, remote-first marketers. We’re all Canadian, but don’t be surprised if we call in from somewhere a little warmer. 

Our Promises

We’ve built our business by making good on 3 promises to our clients:

Meaningful, measurable long-term growth outcomes.

We blend our technical and strategic expertise to execute at a level few others can.

Extension of your in-house team.

You’ll work directly with marketers (not account managers) to move fast and win.

Turn data into insight.

We cut through the noise to help you understand your audience even better.

Let's Chat!

We work with high-performing marketing leaders at fast-growing digital brands. If that's you, we'd love to talk.

    "Working with Flywheel, we grew from a $2M run rate to over $7M & they were a key partner in that growth . They are professionals through and through and always displayed the highest quality work."
    Jason Yee
    Jason Yee
    CEO, GrantMe

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