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We grow digital-first businesses with world-beating technical marketing services.

Why 'Flywheel'?

Engineers use mechanical flywheels to create consistent energy outputs. We use a digital flywheel to create consistent business outcomes.

By leveraging our expertise in analytics, optimization, and growth, we create marketing systems that are self-reinforcing.


Identify opportunities to gain search traffic and optimize your presence to reach them.


Use testing and design principles to improve on-page conversions.


Grow your audience online with written and visual media.


Acquire new customers on Google, Facebook, & more with targeted ads.

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Ensure your analytics platforms are tracking properly and creating user-friendly dashboards.


Use logic-based email and SMS campaigns to nurture and convert customers.

"The team at Flywheel Digital positioned themselves as a major asset to our business. They've been instrumental in developing new opportunities to increase qualified website traffic, online visibility and revenue goals month over month. I would recommend their services to any business, big or small."
Marketing and communications manager at Hitcase

Our clients

We pride ourselves on our roster of clients that we’ve helped get real, measurable results. Below is a select list of case studies:


Hitcase is a publicly traded, Vancouver-based company that designs and manufactures the world’s most innovative iPhone cases, lenses, and mounts.


Increase in Users From Organic Search
Increase in Target SERP Positions
Increase in Revenue From Organic Search
meatme tablet
meatme logo

Meatme redefines “farm to table” by connecting consumers directly to local, pasture-raised meat products online. They take pride in supporting local farmers through a completely transparent supply chain.


Increase in Revenue Attributed to Campaign
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The Good Stuff is Vancouver’s first meal delivery service for smoothies. They make frozen, “ready-to-blend” smoothie kits, so breakfast is ready whenever you are.


0 %
Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate
the good stuff

A modern digital agency

We exist because agencies can do better. Exceptional digital teams require 3 key ingredients to succeed, and we’ve put all three of them at the heart of how we do business:

Project Focused

Long-term retainers fit the legacy agency business model, but not yours – or ours. We’ve built expanding and contracting in scope into our DNA, so you only pay for the work you value.

Educators First

We believe a savvy client is a happy client and communication is everything. So instead of working in secrecy, we pull back the curtain at every step to show you inside our world’s little black boxes.

Technical Expertise

You wouldn’t expect an interior designer to install your plumbing, so why expect a creative agency to run your SEO? We specialize in nailing the crucial nuts and bolts that even pros shy away from.

"Flywheel was a great additional resource for our team. Their process for getting us off the ground was smooth, and continuing to have Michael as a helpline for specific questions is really nice."
victor straatman
Victor Straatman
Founder & CEO at Meatme

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