We are a global team of diverse, technical marketers who are obsessed with data and innovation. Get to know who we are and how we work together to keep your flywheel spinning.

Mike CEO Flywheel

Michael Steele


As the CEO, my job is to set the vision & strategy, then make sure everyone else has what they need to execute.

I started Flywheel on the side while teaching digital marketing at a local tech school, after hearing from students and partners how much of a need there was for a more technical, transparent approach to digital marketing. Flywheel quickly became my focus as we grew. Before that, I founded The Good Stuff (eCommerce) and lived in SF while growing a SaaS startup.

For Fun: I obsessively play & watch basketball, game, and read!
Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: Virgin Trains, Vans, Lighthouse Labs, DUER
Flo - SEO lead

Florent Fabre

SEO Lead

As the SEO Lead at Flywheel, I help our clients improve their organic strategy. It is the process of planning, outlining, and implementing steps designed to improve their search engine rankings.

For Fun: I love great food, buying the most delicious ingredients, and going to eat in simple but great restaurants.

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On:,, Routific, AG Hair.

Liz - Content lead

Liz Nuttall

Account Director

As Flywheel’s Account Director, I’m at the centre of the marketing flywheel. My role means working with all the ‘spokes’ to help connect what might otherwise be more siloed and making sure everything is working together towards our clients’ goals. I have varied experience in marketing and operations, with a focus on strategy, non-technical SEO, and digital advertising. 

For Fun: I love to camp, hike, listen to podcasts, and do yoga!

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: Cactus Club Cafe, DU/ER, Lighthouse Labs, You Move Me, and Silver Hills Bakery.

Roxanne - Content Strategist

Roxanne Bonilla

Content strategist

As the Content Strategist, my mission is to add value to the reader’s life. At Flywheel, I work to add value via web pages, blogs, and online ads. Beyond writing, I also work with a number of PPC accounts through Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, and Google Ads.

For Fun: I love to snowboard, paddleboard, swim, hike, and play chess.

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: The Stollery Children’s Hospital, UNHCR Canada, Backside Tours, Rohit Communities, JACEK Chocolate.

Mike Burnside - Flywheel Digital Paid Lead

Mike Burnside

Digital Advertising Lead

As Flywheel’s Digital Advertising Lead, I focus on paid advertising efforts across the spectrum.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for about 6 years, doing everything from SEM, SEO, and SMM to reputation management, content creation, and site management. I like working with data-heavy and intimidating platforms that have countless knobs and levers, so that I can simplify things for a client. It’s really rewarding to take complex systems and distill them down so that they’re understandable to others

For Fun: I find quests to accomplish on my bike, play a multitude of games, and do some backyard woodworking!

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: Vega, Save On Foods, Tourism Richmond, First West Credit Union, Trail Appliances.

Natasha, SEO Strategist at Flywheel Digital

Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries

SEO Strategist

As an SEO Strategist, I’m a big believer in holistic SEO and love working on all aspects of it from content writing to technical optimizations. At the end of the day, rankings don’t matter if you don’t nail the search intent or user experience.

For Fun: I’m a big soccer fan, an avid sailor, and a big music person. I play trombone in a local orchestra and also play the violin. 

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: ActivePro Nursing & Home Care Inc., KeepRite Refrigeration,
Vista Condos on Charlton, Voyago.

Dillon - Paid ad contractor

Dillon Zed

Digital Ads Strategist

I have worked with Flywheel for over 2 years as a digital advertising contractor. I’m able to bring insights from other verticals and keep client’s paid ads performing well, no matter the demand. I keep one foot in the technical, and one foot in the creative!

For Fun: I enjoy learning new things. I also love to hang out with my family!

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: Barons of Beef, Lighthouse Labs, Travelers Finance, Juniper.

Julia - Analytics consultant

Julia Zhou

Analytics Strategist

I work part-time as an analytics consultant for Flywheel clients, focused on analytics and implementation. I have 5 years of experience working on analytics in digital marketing agencies and in-house. I have experience in all areas of DM, as well as web development.

For Fun: I play with my 2 kitties and love to cook or bake!

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: Best Buy, Lululemon.

Sebastian Montenegro

Growth Strategist

My primary responsibility is to develop the Flywheel brand. I will also be applying my agency experience to grow some of our client’s digital footprint and my operations and logistics background to make Flywheel’s project management process more intuitive.

For fun: I am a keen soccer enthusiast. I follow all the big leagues, particularly La Liga, since I am a die-hard Real Madrid fan. I also curate and share Spotify playlists!

Favourite Brand I’ve worked on: Glory Juice Co.

Azra Kassam

Content Lead

As Content Lead, I own the content strategy for our clients. This includes ideating and executing on all things digital content from planning, creation, analytics, and streamlining processes where needed. Because I’m a total extrovert, I enjoy collaborative environments and find my best ideas come from brainstorming with others. Once it’s time to execute though, I’ll buckle down and get it done with no distractions.

For Fun: I try and stay as active as possible! I lift weights, run, and kickbox. Because I also have an insane sweet tooth, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen attempting to create healthier versions of my favourite desserts. 

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: Luxy Hair, ResolveCBD

Evelyn Ashworth

Marketing Coordinator

My responsibilities include supporting marketing campaigns (SEO, CRO, digital advertising & email), and subsequent analysis & analytics of campaigns.

For fun: I have fallen in love with cooking! After two years living in student residence, my own kitchen is a haven. I love trying new recipes (my penne vodka pasta is fire). Pre-COVID I loved road trips and music festivals, so now I plan for the future and take little adventures around Vancouver.

Favourite Brand I’ve worked on: Jiyubox

Sacha Shenkier

Senior Digital Advertising Lead

As the Digital Advertising Lead at Flywheel, I help our clients with all of their paid advertising needs.

For Fun: I love researching stocks, everything basketball, playing chess and spending quality time with family and friends.

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: LANDR and WANT Les Essentiels.

Alan Shoucair

Growth Lead

My role at Flywheel is everything growth related! Whether it’s paid advertising, conversion rate optimization or automations, I’m here to help our clients, prospects and team members to scale up their positive results.

For fun: I like to play soccer, tennis, cycling, skiing, photography and music.

Favourite brands I’ve worked with: Adidas, The Macallan, Jagermeister & RBC GranFondo Whistler

Scott Whitley

Growth Lead

All my life, I wanted to be a lawyer. I went to school for 7 years and I worked at a big, unfulfilling law firm for 2 years.

I was making great $$ but it wasn’t my cup of tea. So I quit September 2019 to pursue my own entrepreneurial projects. Which led me to my love of digital marketing.

For Fun: Hang with my dog, read (business stuff or high fantasy), write kids books, move my body, and seek out side quests.

Favourite Brands I’ve Worked On: My own! Rü Supply Co, Shower Thoughts, LAB Water Kefir

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