Unlock the potential of digital-first work.

We believe digital work has the unique potential for growth, connection, craft, and freedom. That potential isn’t always realized. Our mission is to bring it to life for our team and our clients.


We’re a talented, tight-knit Canadian team recognized throughout the industry for punching way above our weight. We work with fast-growing digital consumer brands.


If this sounds like a place for you, let’s chat.

Open Roles


🌎 Freedom & Connection

  • Flexible, 35-hour work-week
  • Work from anywhere
  • Two team-wide offsites per year

🧘 Health & Wellness

  • Benefits with drug and full dental
  • Flexible Health Spending Account
  • Budget for home and co-working setups

✈️ Time Off

  • Three week’s vacation
  • Leave for cultural/religious events
  • Unlimited sick days

📚 Learning & Development

  • Individual career growth planning
  • Regular roundtables and coffee chats
  • Budget for courses and conferences

What makes a Flywheeler

You're in on remote work.

You understand the trade-offs of remote-first work and are comfortable delivering with a high level of autonomy.

You're interested in growing.

You may not work at Flywheel forever. Eventually, you may start your own business, lead a brand, or become a yogi. But right now, you’re looking to learn from the best and become the best.

You're T-shaped.

You have one or two things you’re insanely good at, and many more that you’re good enough at. You prefer not to be boxed in as a specialist or a generalist.

You're a capable communicator.

You know how to work across teams and how to get your message across, whether on Slack, Zoom or in person.

Our Values

🧘 Self-Reflection (Autology)

n – the study of oneself.

We believe that the most rewarding work happens when you like what you do and you’re improving. The only way to get there is through reflection. 

☕️ Contagious 

Enthusiasm is like caffeine. When you’re excited about your work and share that, it brings people and ideas up around you. An energized flow of ideas creates the conditions for growth.

🎧 Intentional Communication

In a digital work environment, there’s no room for getting communication wrong. We are intentional about how, when, and what we communicate—to create a culture we love.

🤜🤛 Team First

From 2000 to 2014, the Spurs and Lakers each won 5 NBA titles. The Lakers won by catering their culture to their top stars. The Spurs won by building a culture in which everyone had the opportunity to contribute. We’re like the Spurs, not the Lakers.

🐢 Unutterably Yourself 

 “The genius of an individual lies in the inhabitation of their peculiar and particular spirit in conversation with the world.” We live out this prose from Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte and celebrate showing up as unutterably ourselves.

Open Roles