Marketing Analytics

Investing in marketing analytics used to be optional.

Marketers could set up Google Analytics, add in their conversion tags, and be off to the races. That world is now gone.


Advertising campaigns rely on data more than ever, but good data has become hard to come by. 

Browsers are forcing server-side tracking. Phones are imposing privacy restrictions. Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics. Unless marketers have technical excellence and a cohesive data strategy, they’re at a major disadvantage.

We’ve designed our services based on the modern analytics landscape to turn your marketing data into an advantage.


GA4 Migration

In 2023, Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics, the version used by 90% of users. Forward-thinking brands are migrating now so they can leverage GA4’s features and maintain year-over-year data as soon as possible. We offer a fully managed migration service.

New Site Setup

Developing a new website is the perfect time to invest in your marketing analytics. Our package ensures you launch with everything you need to both run high-performing campaigns and learn about your customers. We work with both brands and web development agencies.

Performance-Driven Analytics

We provide ongoing analytics strategy, implementation, and visualization services for brands who need data to be a strategic advantage. Typically, these are brands with large audiences or ad spends, and we ensure your data works together seamlessly across platforms.
Glory Juice


We take a fully managed, holistic approach to analytics.


Defining how we measure performance, gather insight, and set strategic data priorities.


Full technical instrumentation of tags, code, conversions, filters, and more.


Generating charts, trendlines and correlations to distinguish signal from noise.


Our modern, futureproof suite of analytics tools.

Who We Work With

We work with marketing/growth leaders in 3 verticals who are spending at least $10,000 per month between paid search and social:



Online Education

Who You’ll Work With

Our team is Canada-wide and digital-first. We take pride in our unique blend of technical, creative, and strategic talent. Most of us previously worked in one of our key verticals; all of us have managed 5- to 7-figure ad budgets. And we know the power of a well-placed emoji.

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