Case Study: Paid Ads for Juniper

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Juniper creates and sales premium merchandise for some of the world’s biggest creators.


As their growth marketing partner, it’s our job to maximize their creators’ sales. We did this on BFCM with a dynamic, technical approach to scaling.




“Flywheel has provided immeasurable value to Juniper. They ticked all of the boxes for what we were looking for. They’ve integrated fully into our team as if they are one of our own, even providing thoughts and advice outside of the scope of their work across Slack and email correspondence. We’re thrilled to have Flywheel in the trenches with us, and highly recommend them to any company looking to bring their technical marketing initiatives to the next level.”


Juniper’s creators share their products on their YouTube channels to drive sales. Although this organic marketing strategy drives loyal fans to Juniper’s eCommerce stores, only a percentage of their purchases come directly from YouTube. So they support this with other channel strategies, including paid advertising.


In November 2019, Juniper signed with Flywheel for ongoing management of their paid advertising. This lined up closely with the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. Juniper’s goal was to drive as many sales as possible over the four day weekend, and our directive was to maintain a 6x minimum ROAS. BFCM is a massive weekend for Juniper as parents stock up on Christmas presents, and we were ready to create a detailed, retargeting-focused strategy to meet their objective.


As a result of our Black Friday weekend campaign, Juniper saw a 19x ROAS with over 3,000 purchases. The ROAS was over 3 times the minimum goal requested by Juniper and helped them clear their sales goal for the weekend: over $1 million in sales during BFCM alone.

Juniper results: over $1 million in sales during BFCM alone

Total BFCM sales and ROAS


Juniper has a roster of over a dozen creators, each one with differentiated audiences and products. This meant plenty of opportunities for promotion. However, managing their Black Friday campaign presented a challenge of scale and strategy in working with each unique creator. We needed to stand out amongst the noise and maximize our return in a short period of time.

To support Juniper’s goal, Flywheel’s four-day campaign was driven by three main strategies:


  1. Data Aggregation for Analysis
  2. Two-Pronged Remarketing
  3. Automated Real-time Budgeting

1. Data Aggregation for Analysis

Before building the campaign, we needed to streamline the data of each creator into one dashboard. The GDS Dashboard lists important metrics including costs, direct ROAS, and conversion values. This allowed us to focus on marketing Juniper’s top-selling products based on the Master Dashboard metrics. 

Dashboard Excerpt (Data Redacted)

2. Two-Part Remarketing

We rolled out two types of creative:


Eye-catching Graphics

To target consumers who were interested but had not previously purchased Juniper’s merchandise, we targeted store visits in the last 14 and 180 days. Each remarketing group had a differentiated spend, with higher spending on more recently active visitors.


We worked with Juniper’s design team to create eye-catching graphics on Facebook and Instagram, including custom videos for Instagram stories.


Sample Graphic Ads

Dynamic Retargeting

We supplemented these ads with dynamic retargeting. By pulling in product information directly from Juniper’s stores, we were able to populate the ads dynamically based on the consumer’s product viewing history. This also connected to their store data, enabling our ads to optimize conversions by headlining Juniper’s top products for that specific user.


Crucially, we also used the shop’s product feed to add strike-through pricing to products in the ads. Discount amounts influence consumer purchases, and seeing the actual drop in price is particularly attractive to customers during discount season. This tactic helped differentiate Juniper’s substantial discounts from other BFCM discount ads with weaker sales pricing.

Sample Dynamic Product Ads

3. Automated Real-time budgeting

A heavy advertising spend on BFCM can cause drastic fluctuations in ROAS. And given the short time period, we needed to ensure we didn’t miss out on potential incremental sales. So we implemented rules-based budgeting automation to scale their spend up or down dynamically. This automation ran on an hourly basis.

Sample Automated ROAS-based Budgeting Rules

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