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Michael Steele

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Signals by Flywheel is a newsletter by digital marketing leaders for digital marketers. Michael & Co. never pander to their readers, instead providing detailed thought and practical insights on the most cutting-edge industry topics. I create space for it every time it lands in my inbox, as I know I'll learn something meaningful.

Stay ahead of the algorithms.

We share the most important industry changes, what’s working for our clients, and in-depth analysis from our senior leadership.

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The impactful tactics, strategies, and trends influencing our team.

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One highly actionable video walkthrough to make you a more savvy marketer.

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A jam-packed deep dive into a digital marketing trend or strategy. 

As a Software Engineer recently taking over growth operations for a mature startup, I needed to learn about marketing quickly. Signals has been the most helpful resource for me.
Jack Donkers
Software Engineer at Bluecrew
"I love the Signals newsletter because it feels like it's coming from experts who are in the weeds and paying attention to what is happening. It helps me make better decisions for my business, especially nowadays with everything changing due to AI."
Behdad Barati
Analytics Consultant at Cyberlitix Technologies Inc.
The way Signals is written allows me to skim and make sure I'm asking the right questions for my team's strategy, even though I'm not in the weeds of digital marketing.
COO at Media Site

Level up your technical marketing.

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